Worship Ministry

God is Spirit. They that worship God worship God in spirit and in  truth´┐Ż (John 4:24).  
Worship is the heart of our life together as a church. Communing together in the Spirit of God in Jesus Christ is the heart of our worship. Our worship is not to "escape" the world, but rather to empower us  to be more effective disciples in the world. That's why we say, "Enter to worship, exit to serve!"
The worship ministry exists to cultivate and sustain excellence in Spirit and in truth in all aspects of our worship services.  All persons who are or aspire to be servant leaders within the worship services accomplish this purpose as we:
  1. Pray regularly for our worship services.
  2. Learn God's purpose for worship and its significance in our personal and corporate life.
  3. Plan the services as required or requested by the appropriate staff with a cooperative spirit and with the intention and expectation that the presence of the Lord will be there.
  4. Participate in the worship services attentive to and in cooperation with the Holy Spirit as well as the Pastor and other pulpit ministers.