Hospitality Ministry

Bro. Tyrone Cherry - President

Since our church’s inception in 1938, we have always been a church given to hospitality.  Initially, our founder, the late Rev. James E. Miles, would offer hospitality directly from the pulpit.  Then, his successor, the late Rev. Rufus Merriweather Thomas organized the Host/Hostess Committee.

Rev. Thomas had the vision of young children welcoming others into the house of God.  Deaconess Patricia Gramby was appointed matron in 1982 by the Official Board and was assisted by Sis. Glenda Forde.  Dea. Clarence Ashe served as the advisor. 

 In 1991, Rev. Dr. Booker T. Sears, Jr., renamed it the Hospitality Ministry, and Sis.
Evelyn Smith served as the first president.  Many have served in this capacity to date.

 Our purpose is to welcome our guests and to let them know we always want them to feel at home in our house of worship.

 Our membership is open to all that would like to welcome others in God’s household of faith.