Trustee Ministry

Deacon John E. Peterson - Chairman
“For we make honest provision, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men”
During the early part of Goodwill’s history, financial transactions were minimal, however, as the church membership increased, property was improved or purchased.  The need for a formal structured organization became evident.
The function of the Ministry of Trustees grew out of the legal status of the church as a corporate body.  Their charge is to execute legal papers in the name of the church or act as the church’s legal representative, as may be necessary, by the authority of the church body.  The Ministry of the Trustees may be assigned the responsibility as custodian of the church’s property, the church thus looking to them for the upkeep and repair of the buildings and equipment, insurance and other forms of protection, rules and regulations regarding the use of the church property. 
Trustees, like other officers in the church, must be born again Christians, men and women filled with the Holy Spirit.  They are also expected to be prudent and intelligent business persons in order to be effective in this important office.
There are presently seven members who are serving to fulfill their duties under the law of the state and the law of God.
Deacon John E. Peterson