Rev. Booker T. Sears, Jr., D.D., Pastor
Rev. Booker T. Sears Jr., D.D. is the pastor of the Goodwill Baptist Church, Bronx, New York.  Born in Columbia, South Carolina, he is the eldest of four children born to the late Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Booker T. Sears Sr.  After entering the gospel ministry on August 20, 1961, he began pastoring on the third Sunday in March, 1963.  He pastored four churches in South Carolina prior to being called as the third pastor of Goodwill Baptist Church in 1985. 
 Rev. Sears earned his Bachelor of Arts in the Philosophy of Religion (1961) and Bachelor of Divinity (now called the M.Div.) degree (1964), respectively, from Benedict College and the Colleges J.J. Starks School of Religion in Columbia, South Carolina.  In 1987, he received his Doctor of Divinity degree from Columbia Bible Institute, Columbia, South Carolina.
In addition to his academic preparation, Rev. Sears forty-five year ministry has been marked by an unwavering love of family and community and especially the strong moral influence set by his parents.  As a result of his father's open civil rights activism, young Booker learned the gospel amidst regular death threats from the local Ku Klux Klan.  Consequently, he shares the practical and sharp wisdom of one who has been there.
He joined Goodwill when the South Bronx,  declared comparable to a Third World country, was the icon of African American and Latino despair and decline. Against great odds, the congregation survived under his leadership, love and care. 
Beyond the pastorate, Rev. Sears continues to be active in Baptist life and the New York Metropolitan Area.  Most recently he has served as first and second vice president of the Ministers Conference of Greater New York and Vicinity and  presently serves as chairman of Home Missions for the Empire Missionary Baptist  Convention and Dean of the Bronx Ministers Prayer Alliance. He is also an active member of the United Missionary Baptist Association and the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc.
Rev. Sears is the father of two sons: Marc (and wife, Tiffany) and Andre (and wife, Tamara); three daughters: Carol (and husband, Anthony), Christina and Adrienne; and the grandfather of nine.